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2017 Lancaster City Mayoral Candidate Forum

On May 16, 2017, the League of Women Voters of Lancaster County took part in the Candidate Night for all of the Mayoral Candidates for Lancaster City in conjunction with the NAACP of Lancaster.

2014 LWVLC Holiday Luncheon

League members chat before the program begins.

Janelle Stelson of WGAL, speaker at the luncheon, with LWVLC President Molly Henderson.

LWVLC member Jeri Stelson Weaver (right) introduces the speaker and her sister, Janelle Stelson.

LWVLC joins the Millersville Community Parade on 10/18/2014

League members Caren Sebastian, Leslie Laird and President Molly Henderson stand by the Vote411 information on our borrowed convertible.

Caren Sebastian joins League members Mary Hansen and Ellen Culver to wait for the parade to begin.

Proudly displaying our banner for Vote411.

Elvis makes his voting recommendations to other parade participants.

LWVLC Annual Meeting - May 7, 2014

LWVLC Members chat before the Annual Meeting begins.

LWVLC President Molly Henderson welcomes members and their guests.

Mary Steffy, past Executive Director of Mental Health America of Lancaster County speaks at the Annual Meeting.

At the membership meeting following the speaker, Deone Evans explains the By-Law changes. Also on the program, Deone and Edie Early were recognized as a Life Members for their 50 years of dedicated service to the LWVLC.

LWVLC Treasurer Kathy Gleason reviews the financial reports with the membership.

On April 10, 2014, LWVLC reached consensus on updated agricultural positions for LWVUS

LWVUS Representative Carol Kuniholm presented the latest information on the Economic Health of the Agricultural Sector; Animal Management; Research & Development; Food Safety; and Food Labeling.

LWVLC members Kathy Gleason and Molly Henderson, Carol Kuniholm, and LWVLC members Ellen Culver and Jennifer Mann finalize the consensus forms for submission to LWVUS. See the results here.

The need for immigration reform is addressed by LWVLC at Southern Market Center on April 9, 2014

League President Molly Henderson opens the forum.

Molly introduces panelists Mary Weaver, PA Immigration Resource Center; Oscar Barbosa, Diaspora Law; Tom Tillet, Chief of Staff for US Rep. Joseph Pitts; and Moderator, Barbara Hough Roda, Lancaster Newspapers.

Sheila Mastropietro with Church World Services presents a slide show on the help provided to refugees from around the world.

Kam Cin Mang explains his personal immigration experience and Penn Ag representative Chris Herr discusses how immigration reform could benefit the agricultural community in Lancaster.

Candidates Night for Manheim Township School Board, October 22, 2013

LWVLC President Molly Henderson introduces the evening's panelists, Dr. Donald Walters and Dr. Judith Higgins.

Candidates Anthony DeLeo, Nathan Geesey, Michael Lynch, and Richard Wood prepare to answer the panelists' questions. Candidates Jesse Heurtas, John Nigro, and Thomas Winters were unable to attend.

Candidates Night for Manheim Township Commissioners, October 18, 2013

Approximately 75 people attended Candidates Night for Manheim Township Commissioner where panelists Cynthia Fuhrer and Dr. Paul Thibault questioned the candidates.Candidates Donna DiMeo, Steven Elliot, Ian Hodge, Jr., Brenda Kauffman, Sam Mecum and John Shipman prepare to give their opening statements.

Candidates' Night for Lancaster City Mayor - October 14, 2013

Around 120 people attended Candidates Night for Lancaster City Mayor.
Patricia Hopson-Shelton welcomes the panelists and candidates.

Panelists Brian O'Leary, Wilfredo Seda and Sandra Thompson
Panelists Robert Lambert and Andrew Mayers
LWVLC President Molly Henderson describes the procedure for the evening.
Candidate and former Mayor Charlie Smithgall responds to a question.
Mayor Rick Gray responds to a question.
NAACP leader Blanding Watson closes the evening.